QUESTION 20 Which four tasks are required when you configure Cisco IOS IPS using the Cisco examineeverything Configuration Professional IPS wizard? (Choose four.) A. Select the interface(s) to apply the IPS rule. B. Select the traffic flow direction that should be applied by the IPS rule. C. Add or remove IPS alerts actions based on the risk rating. D. Specify the signature file and the Cisco public key. E. Select the IPS bypass mode (fail-open or fail-close). F. Specify the configuration location and select the category of signatures to be applied to the selected interface(s). Correct Answer: ABDF Explanation Explanation/Reference: per0900aecd8066d265.html 010-151 dumps Step 11. At the `Select Interfaces' screen, select the interface and the direction that IOS IPS will be applied to, then click `Next' to continue. Step 12. At the `IPS Policies Wizard' screen, in the `Signature File' section, select the first radio button "Specify the signature file you want to use with IOS IPS", then click the "..." button to bring up a dialog box to specify the location of the signature package file, which will be the directory specified in Step 6. In this example, we use tftp to download the signature package to the router. Step 13. In the `Configure Public Key' section, enter `' in the `Name' text field, then copy and paste the following public key's key-string in the `Key' text field. This public key can be downloaded from at: Click `Next' to continue. 210-455 dumps 30820122 300D0609 2A864886 F70D0101 01050003 82010F00 3082010A 02820101 00C19E93 A8AF124A D6CC7A24 5097A975 206BE3A2 06FBA13F 6F12CB5B 4E441F16 17E630D5 C02AC252 912BE27F 37FDD9C8 11FC7AF7 DCDD81D9 43CDABC3 6007D128 B199ABCB D34ED0F9 085FADC1 359C189E F30AF10A C0EFB624 7E0764BF 3E53053E 5B2146A9 D7A5EDE3 0298AF03 DED7A5B8 9479039D 20F30663 9AC64B93 C0112A35 FE3F0C87 89BCB7BB 994AE74C FA9E481D F65875D6 85EAF974 6D9CC8E3 F0B08B85 50437722 FFBE85B9 5E4189FF CC189CB9 69C46F9C A84DFBA5 7A0AF99E AD768C36 006CF498 079F88F8 A3B3FB1F 9FB7B3CB 5539E1D1 9693CCBB 551F78D2 892356AE 2F56D826 8918EF3C 80CA4F4D 87BFCA3B BFF668E9 689782A5 CF31CB6E B4B094D3 F3020301 0001QUESTION 21 Which ports need to be active for AAA server and a Microsoft server to permit Active Directory authentication? A. 445 and 389 B. 888 and 3389 C. 636 and 4445 D. 363 and 983 Correct Answer: A Explanation Explanation/Reference: QUESTION 22 DRAG DROP Drag the hash or algorithm from the left column to its appropriate category on the right. Select and Place: Correct Answer: Explanation Explanation/Reference: QUESTION 23 If a switch receives a superior BPDU and goes directly into a blocked state, what mechanism must be in use? A. root guard B. EtherChannel guard C. loop guard D. BPDU guard Correct Answer: A Explanation Explanation/Reference: QUESTION 24 Which two are valid types of VLANs using PVLANs? (Choose two.) A. Backup VLAN B. Secondary VLAN C. Promiscuous VLAN D. Community VLAN E. Isolated VLAN Correct Answer: DE ExplanationExplanation/Reference: QUESTION 25 Which two are the default settings for port security? (Choose two.) A. Violation is Protect B. Maximum number of MAC addresses is 1 C. Violation is Restrict D. Violation is Shutdown E. Maximum number of MAC addresses is 2 Correct Answer: BD Explanation Explanation/Reference: 404 Not Found
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